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Scanner Complete Retail SystemA Powerful, Easy-To-Use Tool To Help You Manage Your Retail Business


Complete Retail allows you to have instant access to information on every aspect of your business including:


• Who are my best customers?
• What are they buying?  What aren't they buying?
• How are they paying for their purchases?
• Are my advertising dollars working?
• What can I do to encourage them to buy more?


• Which cashiers are the most accurate?
• Which cashiers have "questionable" activity?
• What are my sales per hour of labor?
• When should I schedule more/less labor?


• What are my best and worst selling products?
• What are my most and least profitable products?
• Are promo's on a product working?
• How well is a departement, section or category performing? 
  What can be done to improve this performace?


• What is the current value of my inventory?
• What was the total shrink for the store, department or section?
• Am I getting the prices my vendors have promised me?
• How often am I running out of an item?


• What were sales, gross profit, profit margins by: section,
   department, vendor, total store?
• What are my current accounts receivables?
• How do this years sales compare to prior years for: yesterday,
   last week, last month?


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