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Our Mission:

Provide integrated store automation systems and services to small businesses with unmatched quality and customer service.

Why We Developed Complete Retail:

Existing store automation hardware and software were:

  • Cost prohibitive

  • Difficult to use

  • Not integrated

  • Impossible to modify

An option needed to be made available to small retailers so that they can compete with the big box and chain retailers.

We wanted to provide a customized package developed BY a small retailer FOR small retailers.

Our Approach:

Develop the software using the latest technologies (OPOS, TCP/IP, SQLServer, Visual Basic, etc.)

Continually enhance the software to allow our clients to grow their businesses.

Utilize top of the line Open Standards POS Hardware (Epson, MMF, Metrologic, Preh, etc.)

Integrate with other leading business software (Quickbooks™, PCCharge™, MS Office™, etc.)

Sell the software in modules so that storeowners can buy only what they need.


As the new owners of a neighborhood grocery store we went looking for store automation solutions to help us run our store in the spring of 1996. With the company president's 20 years of information technology experience we were very disappointed with the options that were available (and affordable) for a small retail establishment. At that point we began development of a solution for our store.

By 1998 we had the initial version of our solution up and running in our store. On a visit from our grocery warehouse we were asked if we could provide this solution to other stores they supplied. Retail Solutions was born!

Since the product's inception there continues to be enhancements added to Complete Retail:

1999 - Added Age Verification via reading driver's license info
2000 - Added the Lottery Tracking module and customer loyalty functions
2001 - Added Quickbooks™ interface and Timeclock modules
2002 - Added Employee Scheduling and Vendor Interface modules
2003 - Added Integrated credit/debit/ebt processing
2004 - Added Rental Tracking module
2005 - Added In-Store Gift Card functionality
2006 - Added Auto Order and Temperature Monitor modules
2007 - Added Sign and Shelf Tag printing functionality




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